Company Profile

Solberg Manufacturing Produces:

Air Compressors

Since the inception of Solberg in 1968, customers in the small air compressor market have relied on our filter products. Today, this compact and dependable design is still considered the market standard.

Blowers and Fans

For decades, Solberg has been a trusted provider of reliable filtration and silencing products for positive displacement (PD) blowers, regenerative blowers and high/low pressure fans. We offer comprehensive product lines for all. From discharge silencer bases, to inlet silencer filters, to inlet vacuum filters, we can provide solutions for the most demanding of applications.

Gas Compressors

Whether you have common or unique application requirements, Solberg has a solution for your gas compression needs. Rely on our experience and knowledge to help you improve efficiency and reduce the operating costs of your equipment.

Reciprocating Engine

Reciprocating engines are a popular choice for power generation in certain applications, thanks to their small size and relative low cost. Customers depend on safety filtration and air/oil separation products from Solberg to keep them running safely and cost effectively.


Like other alternative energies, the solar market is growing at a fast pace. Solberg is committed to helping customers meet the filtration demands of this relatively new and evolving market.


With the increasing worldwide demand for energy, gas and steam turbines are in high demand. Solberg has a variety of products that eliminate visible oil emissions for most brands of turbines.

Vacuum Pumps

Solberg offers inlet and discharge filters to suit both wet and dry vacuum technology. Customers in a wide variety of vacuum pump applications rely on our inlet filter products to reduce maintenance costs and our discharge filter products to eliminate oil mist carryover.

Landfill Gas

Due to the demand for alternative fuels, the landfill gas market is rapidly growing. Solberg works with customers to develop innovative and efficient landfill-gas filtration systems based on their specific application requirements.


At Solberg, we understand how critical it is that medical and hospital work environments be clean. Customers in this industry trust our full range of filtration products to be safe, efficient and reliable.

Natural Gas

Solberg supports the ever-expanding natural gas industry with a variety of efficient and cost-effective filtration products. From compression to pipeline transmission, we have a solution to fit your unique needs.

Pneumatic Conveying

At Solberg, our experience providing solutions to the blower and vacuum markets has allowed us to develop innovative products that help customers in a variety of challenging material-handling and conveying applications.

Power Generation

Solberg offers a variety of solutions to help customers in all markets of the power generation industry eliminate visible oil mist emissions from their equipment.


Vacuum pumps and blowers found on woodworking routing equipment help ensure that wood products are cut and fabricated to exact specifications. Solberg offers filtration products that improve and maintain the performance of this crucial piece of equipment.