Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane
Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco’s rotary vane vacuum pumps are the pump of choice for a wide range of low and medium industrial vacuum applications such as general and chemical laboratory, analytics, freeze drying, process engineering and more. A rotary vane pump works via positive displacement, which is when volumes of air or gas are confined within a closed space and are compressed when the space is mechanically reduced.

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Excellent water vapor handling

The GVS and GVD series of rotary vane vacuum pumps are designed with gas ballast control to assist in the handling of high water vapor loads

Clean and Efficient

Oil separation to minimize oil vapors in the exhaust gas. The inlet non-return valve protects the vacuum pump against counter rotation in the event of stopping without venting, including back sucking of oil.

Easy Maintenance

Advanced lubrication system allows the pump to work with wide oil level tolerances, which reduce the need to top-up the oil. 


GVS Series Fixed Speed in-HgVACFMlbs
GVS 16 A1.229.91155
GVS 25 A1.229.91755
GVS 40 A229.931103
GVS 60 A329.942118
GVS 100 A529.969147
GVS 150 A529.9107182
GVS 200 A7.529.9130367
GVS 220 A6.429.9142396
GVS 300 A8.629.9200512
GVS 470 A1529.93661056
GVS 630 A2529.94941672
GVS Series with Variable Speed Drive   
GVS 80A VSD+329.847254
GVS 120 VSD+529.870293
GVS 255 VSD+1029.8147500
GVS 400 VSD+1529.8207745
GVD Series Two-Stage TORR  
GVD x 10-30.622
GVD x 10-31.322
GVD 30.741.5 x 10-32.655
GVD 50.741.5 x 10-34.155
GVD 80.741.5 x 10-36.961.7
GVD 120.741.5 x 10-31064
GVD 181.27.5 x 10-41586
GVD 281.27.5 x 10-42397
GVD 4027.5 x 10-430181
GVD 8047.5 x 10-457276
GVD 1758.77.5 x 10-4126508
GVD 27511.47.5 x 10-4206558