Intelligent Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Intelligent Liquid Ring
Vacuum Pumps

The LRP VSD+ is a truly unique liquid ring vacuum pump, offering best in class performance and connectivity. The state-of-the-art vacuum technology housed in the IP54 rated wet/dry canopy provides optimum energy efficiency along with low operational and maintenance costs. With one of the smallest footprints for a pump in its class, the LRP VSD+ is delivered in a single neat enclosure. The stainless-steel impeller, endplates, liquid reservoir and heat exchanger makes this pump highly resilient against corrosion and harsh process gases. The LRP 700-1000 VSD+ is ideally suited for tough, wet and humid applications with liquid and solid carry over.

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Plug and Play Design

Cleverly engineered in a smart design the LRP VSD+ series is enclosed under a strong canopy offering a sleek and ergonomic look with the HMI, inlet, outlet and main cable connections located on top of the canopy

Twin Variable Speed Drives

The first VSD for vacuum set point control to maintain and match required vacuum levels. The second VSD regulates the water circulation pump, offering you optimized water flow and stable vacuum levels

Easy to Service

IP54 rated cubicle, horizontal serviceability, mechanical seals, lantern flange arrangement with automatic alignment of the motor, the removable heat exchanger and the convenient access port enable ease of cleaning and service


LRP VSD+ Series – Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumpsin-HgVACFML x W x H – incheslbs
LRP 700 VSD+252940377 x 32 x 401,797
LRP 900 VSD+352950677 x 32 x 401,874
LRP 1000 VSD+502957177 x 32 x 401,874