Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps

Oil-Free Dry Claw
Vacuum Pumps

The DZS, DZS VSD+ and DZM VSD+  series are a range of Class 0 certified dry claw vacuum pumps, offered as fixed speed or equipped with a VSD⁺ inverter drive. This series of oil-free vacuum pumps boast a compact design, a long life, exceptional durability, and require minimal maintenance, making it the ideal vacuum solution for a vast number of rough vacuum applications. Available in mono-claw and multi-claw configurations to meet your process needs.

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Corrosion Resistant Claws

The dry claw series boasts some fantastic design features including stainless steel corrosion resistant claws. The renowned Atlas Copco surface coating applied to the pumps process chambers has proven to be unrivalled in our compressors.

Easy To Maintain

Easily accessible pumping chamber for cleaning without accessing the gearbox and disturbing the timing. The modular design allows flexibility and efficiency in terms of maintenance and life cycle costs

VSD⁺ Inverter Drive

Equipped with a VSD⁺ drive on the motor, enabling PI-Loop functionality as well as multiple options for remote connectivity – HMI via smartphone or PC, Fieldbus read-out and control and Mk5s controllers


DZS (Mono-Claw Pump – Fixed Speed)in-HgVACFML x W x H – incheslbs
DZS 065328.44830 x 16 x 22240
DZS 150528.410831 x 16 x 22320
DZS 3001025.820439 x 20 x 27480
DZS VSD+ (Mono-Claw Pump – Variable Speed Drive)
DZS 100 VSD+528.46236 x 16 x 22267
DZS 200 VSD+728.411137 x 16 x 25355
DZS 400 VSD+1525.823444 x 20 x 31558
DZM VSD+ (Multi-Claw System – Variable Speed Drive)
DZM 600 VSD+2025.840856 x 36 x 781,764
DZM 900 VSD+3025.861257 x 36 x 783,086
DZM 1200 VSD+4025.881658 x 36 x 783,968