Vacuum Accessories

Accessories and Controllers


Atlas Copco’s Elec Cab and ES central controllers are designed to convert standalone fixed speed machines into intelligent vacuum systems.

ES Central Controllers

The ES Central Controller creates an interconnected system out of multiple VSD+ machines. Allowing for automatic balancing of running hours & synchronized performance between different machines, maximum energy efficiency, servicing costs and maintenance scheduling. The ES solution is available in a wall mounted electrical cabinet as shown in the picture below, or as an integrated software option on any Atlas Copco vacuum pump with a built-in Mk.5 Elektronikon®, such as the LRP VSD+ or the GHS VSD+.

ELEC CAB pump controllers

The Elec Cab controls Atlas Copco naked pumps as well as competitor pumps, regardless of their element technology. Oil injected vane, screw, scroll, claw, liquid ring or others: the Elec Cab handles all with ease. By allowing synchronization between the process and the vacuum system, remote monitoring and active process control settings, the Elec Cab centralizes decentralized systems and take your production process to a higher, more cost effective and more reliable level.

VSD+ App

The VSD+ App is a unique application for iOS and Android devices – an app that lets you control and monitor a vacuum pump with your smartphone. The VSD+ app allows for ease of commission for your DZS VSD+ vacuum pump by only providing 3 parameters – target pressure, start/stop delay and stop level. Start your pump, connect the VSD+ app via Bluetooth, enter the desired parameters and you are set to run your pump. The VSD+ app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


Next to offering market-leading vacuum pumps, Atlas Copco is dedicated to delivering a complete solution for your specific vacuum needs. Therefore, a wide range of accessories is available, from pre-filtration on inlet side to process piping and outlet filtration. The accessories range includes Knockout pots, Filtration, Liquid Separators, Vacuum Receivers, Valves and Vessels.