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VFS Butterfly Valves consist of two high-pressure die-cast semi-bodies manufactured from aluminum alloy, a swivel disc in SINT® polymer composite or cast iron, and a pre-stressed elastomers seal.

For the food industry a version with stainless steel disc and an FDA-approved integral seal is available.

While V1FS has a top flange and a beaded bottom section suitable for the attachment of a flexible sleeve, the V2FS comes with an identical top and bottom flange.

The VFF Silo Discharge Butterfly Valve is manufactured from a single-piece fabricated carbon steel body lined with WAM® polymer composite SINT®. 

Due to the four corner slots the integrated upper square flange shown in the top left photograph can be adapted to different sizes of silo outlet flanges. The valve disc is manufactured from surface-treated carbon steel.

VAR Diverter Valves are suitable for conveying any type of powdery or granular material.

By means of the pneumatic actuator, which activates the rotating inner drum, the commutation of the tubular exit and, consequently, deviation of the material flow from one duct to another is obtained.