MPI Magnetic Products

Company Profile

Magnetic Product Inc. (MPI) based in southeastern Michigan, is a worldwide provider of both magnetic and non-magnetic material handling solutions. MPI leads the industry by continuously engineering inventive magnetic equipment and advancing customer education through significant investments in research and development and proactive product training.

Founded in 1981, MPI was formed to advance development of permanent magnet technology used in industry. Along with the company’s initial mission to engender research and development, the founders also focused on customer education, which would allow users to better select and maintain purchased equipment. These cornerstones still guide the company and its management team.

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Drawer Magnets – The most common method to capture fine ferrous tramp metal in medium flows

Drum Magnets – Ideal for demanding application. Remove medium ferrous tramp metal in high flows

Eddy Current Separator – Remove nonferrous conductive metals & used for recycling applications

Free Flow Magnets – Remove small-to-large ferrous tramp metal in high volume gravity feed applications

Grate Magnets and Tube Magnets – The most economical way to capture fine ferrous tramp metal in medium flows

Sanitary Liquid Conveying Magnets – Remove fine ferrous tramp metal from liquids in sanitary applications

Pull Test Kit – Most accurate and easiest way to test your magnets

Suspended Magnets – Remove medium-to-large tramp metal from conveying systems with high burden depth

Plate Magnets – Ceramic, rare earth of hybrid configuration to capture fine-to-medium ferrous tramp metal in chute applications

Pneumatic Line Magnets – Used to capture fine ferrous tramp metal in dilute phase conveying

Separation Roll – Automatically remove tramp metal from material that travels on conveyer systems