Valves, Pipes & Ducts

Pipe Couplings and Ducting Since incorporation in 1947, HP Products has been supplying light wall tubing and bends for industrial applications. Innovative engineering, state-of-the-art technology, manufacturing expertise, and dedicated teamwork allows us to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Pneumatic Conveying

A full line of components that are used in the plastic, rubber, powder/bulk solids, chemical, textiles, paper, food, and grain processing industries.
Tubing: 1.5″ – 10″ OD in aluminum, stainless, carbon, and galvanized
Bends: 2.5″ – 72″ CLR
Couplings: Traditional plus the innovative Instalok ™ coupling
Fittings: Tees, laterals, and cam & groove couplings
Accessories: Hose, installation components, vacuum wands, and sight glasses
Special Services: Polishing, ceramic coating, porcelain lining, shot peening and spiral grooving

Industrial Vacuum

Our comprehensive line of components include tube pipe, short bends, standard bends and long radius bends as well as fittings and methods of joining including the revolutionary Instalok ™ coupling.
Tube and Pipe: 1″ – 8″ NPS in aluminum, stainless, carbon, and galvanized
Bends: Short Standard, Long: 2.5″ – 72″ CLR
Fittings: Extensive line – please request the IVAC catalog for a complete listing

Duct Components

Complete offering of “clamp together” ducting for trim and waste removal.
Duct: Galvanized & stainless, 3″ – 22″ OD, 18 – 24 gauge
Lifetime clamp: Constructed of stainless steel