Unboxing: Atlas Copco’s New Range of GHS VSD+ Vacuum Pumps

Denver, NC: There’s always a level of excitement surrounding the launch of the next generation of mobile phone or this years’ newest model of luxury vehicle – and rightfully so. It seems anytime these products are released, they display some game-changing new feature worth being excited about. Well, that’s how we feel about the new GHS 1402 – 2002 VSD+ oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps. This new range of product comes packed with exciting new features that build on the original high-efficiency plug-and-play design of its predecessor, once again raising the bar for vacuum solutions everywhere.

Now that you have some idea how we feel about the new additions to our product line, let’s start by unpacking several of these features and show you what all the buzz is about.

Like any new product, let’s start with its packaging. The new range of oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps comes neatly enclosed in an intelligently designed noise reducing canopy and a 10% smaller footprint than previous models…less than two square meters to be more exact. The enclosure also includes two easy access panels for superior serviceability, that can be removed to access to all necessary components in need of regular maintenance. Popular features for anyone looking to improve the workplace environment and minimize maintenance downtime.

Exploring the new GHS 1402 – 2002 VSD+ vacuum pumps further, inside you’ll find every effort was made to optimize these units for superior performance and energy efficiency. Take the redesigned pumping element for starters. Because of the ingenious construction of its blow off valves, this element provides an exceptional flow rate. Its high pumping speed performance curve means these vacuum pumps are ideal for any rough vacuum application you can think of. The oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps are also equipped with a permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motors. This new technology ensures higher efficiency at all speeds when compared to classic motors.

We can’t talk about the efficiency of these pumps without mentioning the variable speed technology that his machine boasts. With the Neos inverter combined with set-point control, the pump delivers the pumping speed needed for the process. With these vacuum pumps you can potentially save 50%* or more in energy costs.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the new GHS VSD+’s improved connectivity. The rotary screw pumps are equipped with Atlas Copco’s revolutionary new HEX@ controller. HEX@ allows you to monitor and control your pump from anywhere and at any time. It has a configurable, secure user interface that can be customized for you to receive information according to your needs and priorities. You get access to dashboards that display key pump performance indicators to optimize your process. You also gain access to pump trends, such as Inlet pressure, motor speed, power consumption, oil temperature and much more.

So needless to say, this new GHS VSD+ oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump is the full package. Inside and out, this revolutionary range of vacuum products is a far cry from traditional vacuum pump technology with improved performance, optimal oil separation, a smaller footprint and an innovative new controller which puts you in gear for Industry 4.0.


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